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Blade Runner 2049

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Blade Runner was 'one of those  films' that inspired hundreds of young filmmakers in the 80s at just what science fiction could could be. Ridley Scott and his team didn't just create a believable immersive look at a possible future and the implications for society on creating a new lower class in the form of humanoids taking it's inspiration from the brilliant 'Do Androids Dream of Electronic Sheep?' by Philip K. Dick, it also set one of the benchmarks in modern film making...

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‘Metalens’ the future lens?

"Forget big, curved, glass lenses. Thanks to this new technological breakthrough in optics, the lens of the future could be the size of a spec of glitter—and just as powerful." Interesting read on the future of optics and how 'metalens' may replace current glass lens technology with something a whole lot more adaptable, smaller and maybe cheaper? "Here's what the senior author of the report, Harvard University's Federico Capasso, told the BBC about th..

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