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In the realm of healthcare, clear communication is crucial. It builds trust, educates patients, and ultimately, leads to better health outcomes. But presenting complex medical information in a way that’s both accurate and engaging can be a challenge.

That’s where Nice Cat Media comes in. With our 20 years producing videos and animations for the NHS and the wider healthcare economy, dedicated to crafting compelling videos that make a difference.

With expert knowledge of infection prevention and control procedures, hundreds of hours experience of filming with the theatre and surgical environments, a clear understanding of patient confidentiality, and ensuring patient dignity is always upheld.

From patient testimonials to explainer animations, we create videos that:

Simplify complex medical topics. We break down intricate procedures and diagnoses into easy-to-understand visuals and narratives.

Boost patient engagement. We use storytelling techniques and emotional connections to keep viewers invested in the message.

Promote positive behaviour change. We inspire viewers to take charge of their health and make informed decisions.


Our Services:

Patient education videos: Empower patients with knowledge about their conditions, treatments, and preventative measures.

Medical animations: Bring complex procedures to life with accurate and engaging animations.

Hospital/clinic tours: Showcase your facilities and staff in a welcoming and informative light.

Staff testimonials: Let your medical professionals speak directly to patients and build trust.

Marketing and branding videos: Attract new patients and promote your healthcare services.

We’re here to collaborate with you every step of the way, from concept development to scriptwriting, filming, and post-production. We ensure your video meets your specific needs and adheres to all healthcare regulations.

Helping Helen
Home First Animation
Procedure For Inserting A Naso Gastric Tube

In addition to the services mentioned above, we also offer:

Drone videography: Capture stunning aerial shots of your facilities or medical research in action.

Green screen technology: Create realistic simulations of medical procedures or other scenarios.

Multilingual voice-overs: Reach a wider audience with translations into different languages.

No matter your healthcare video needs, we’re here to help you create something truly impactful.

Let’s work together to make healthcare clearer, more engaging, and ultimately, more effective.

We believe that video has the power to transform healthcare. Let’s harness that power together.

We’re committed to giving back to the healthcare community, we offer discounted rates for non-profit organisations and educational institutions.

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