Insta360 pro 8k video

A short while ago we wrote about adding 360 video production to the portfolio of creative services offered by Nice Cat Media, Well June looks like the month!

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‘Metalens’ the future lens?

“Forget big, curved, glass lenses. Thanks to this new technological breakthrough in optics, the lens of the future could be the size of a spec of glitter—and just as powerful.”

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More tiny 4K cameras!

Blink and another 4k camera is released! Now with the surge of drones and gimbal mounted cameras a new breed of tiny 4k cameras are emerging (weekly).

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Sony A7s with Debussy

Shooting our own creative projects is very important here at Nice Cat Media. It helps us stay fresh and try out new ideas which then can be used in our commercial video shoots.

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How to commission a corporate or promotional video?

A interesting unbiased article from the Institute of Videographers (IOV) on how to commission a corporate or promotional video.

Corporate Video

This guide has been written to help you find the right video production company to produce your corporate video – whether it is for promotional, training or purely information purposes. Whilst we are able to give general advice, each business video commission will present its own challenges and demand an individual approach.

This guide should help you through the commissioning process, and help you to acquire a professional programme that meets your objectives.

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