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//What is an Explainer?

What is an Explainer?

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Let’s say you have a great idea, new product or an amazing service, and you want to tell people about it, explain how it works and how it will help.  Our Explainer’s will work for you!  We make fun, creative and effective animated Explainer videos that will help you connect with new and existing clients.

Unlike other companies, we don’t use templates or stock cartoon graphics, our service is 100% fresh and tailored to your brand, making your Explainer unique.

So how does it work?

Firstly, we listen to you about your product, service or initiative.  We then explore how we can communicate your ideas in a fun, fresh and most importantly, an effective way.  We want the world to know about your amazing idea and make sure you get the best possible return on your investment.

Once we have a plan or treatment worked up, we will produce a storyboard and script of how it will all come together.  This gives you a real insight into how your Explainer video will look, feel and flow.  It also allows you to make changes and tailor the production to perfectly fit with your vision and brand.

The talented illustrator Juli Dosad will hand draw all the artwork based on the storyboard and then Nice Cat Media bring it life through animation.  Together we craft the perfect Explainer for you.

What is the difference between a promotional or corporate video and an Explainer?

Promotional or corporate videos work well when showcasing a company, brand or product, exploring the key selling points or values of an organisation, and what makes if unique.

An Explainer works perfectly when you have a complex message or process that needs to be communicated in an easy to understand and interesting way.  Explainers are also great when used as a teaching tool, or to demonstrate new products, services or procedures.  Adding a series of Explainers on your website or social media channels can really help drive interest about your company or organisation.  Online video is also great for SEO!

Why use our service?

Our Explainer videos are produced through a collaborative approach between the artistic talents of Juli Dosad and the creative animation and production values of Nice Cat Media.  This means you get the combined expertise of two companies, both working together to produce your unique Explainer.

Jui Dosad is a professional illustrator who specialises in the art of ‘graphic recording’, this lends itself perfectly to the Explainer process.

Nice Cat Media are experts in all aspects of video production and animation and can advise you on what format will work best for your needs.

Get in touch to see how we can make Explainers or any other video service work for you.

Email: rob@nicecatmedia.com

Tel: 07443419893

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