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//Video Marketing – Building the Brand

Video Marketing – Building the Brand


“More and more people are turning to visuals and especially videos as a method of sales, promotion or engagement.”

The way people consume content is changing. With the rise of streaming sites such as Netflix, purely online publications and the on-going integration of social media into personal and the professional world, there has been a dramatic shift on how people view and engage with the world, and business needs to follow that. In 2017 YouTube was the second most popular social media form behind Facebook overtaking Whatsapp, Twitter and other forms of communication or language-based media. Even with the top-dog Google, adding a video clip to your website makes it fifty times more likely to get your business site to a first page Google result. This shows the preference towards visual content and video streaming. More and more, this is the primary way people like to engage and received their information. According to eMarketer, consumers are now four times more likely to watch a video about a product than read about it – it allows accessibility, increased understanding (how many times have you heard about visual learners?), and approachability.

“The way people consume content is changing.”

Furthermore the practices that did rate the most popular were majorly based on images and visuals. More and more people are turning to visuals and especially videos as a method of sales, promotion or engagement. NiceCatMedia can provide just that. A video production based in Manchester, we understand how important it is to remain current and up to date with the way the industry is moving. We can help to create those videos that businesses need to meet that niche and engage with customers in the most effective, prevailing, form.  We work closely with our clients through the process, reliably providing the video productions and animations required helping business connect with clients and increase sales.  Whether it is a video marketing campaign, explainer animations or social media videos, we use our vast knowledge and professional experience in the media field to produce outputs that will enhance business and growth. It was forecast that in 2017 video marketing would account for 69% of all consumer traffic, and it is taking superiority in 2018, with the new forecast estimated that 80% of all consumer Internet traffic will be through online videos. The rise of Instagram stories is testament to how video content can amplify business reach and scope.  Focused on catching the target consumers’ eye, the content can take a wide variety of forms but all revolve around the key element: increasing visibility. Increased visibility means higher revenue, and incorporating the latest media trends will ensure your business stays at the top.

Using a video kills two birds with one stone; it provides both audio and visual stimulation and this can allow users to feel a sense of loyalty to the company, meaning more return customers, increased revenue ad amplified income. Using NiceCatMedia, a professional proficient passionate company that specializes is this avenue, to provide this stimulus can reap the benefits for business. With the world shifting towards an ever-engaging basis of interaction, a video or animation or graphical fragment can be just the ticket to expanding your business in this snowballing visual 21st century realm.

Video Marketing Forecast 2017
2017 – video would account for 69% of all online consumer traffic
Video Marketing Forecast 2018
2018 – video would account for 80% of all online consumer traffic

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