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//Red Hydrogen

Red Hydrogen

11th July 2017Category : Video

Apple make phones, Samsung make phones, now RED makes phones too?

RED are well know for making premium cameras and associated technology. Now they will not only be moving into the smartphone market but they will possibly taking it in a whole new direction with a holographic  display!


Details are still thin on the ground but the whole concept seems to based around what RED calls a “HOLOGRAPHIC MEDIA MACHINE. IN YOUR POCKET. NO GLASSES NEEDED”. If that’s good enough for you then pre-orders start at $1,195 for the Aluminium model, or $1,595 for the titanium version.

Even with the hefty price tag and limited details, it appears that RED’s reputation is good enough to get large numbers of people pre-ordering. Only time will tell if this is a pivotal moment in the evolution of the smartphone or just another gimmick, a very costly one at that?

Here’s what RED’s Jim Jannard says:

“It is multi-view (4-view) as compared to stereo 3D (2-view). Watching shocked faces light up when people see it is really motivating. There is no good way to describe it until you see it. Hopefully we will get some skeptics eyes on it soon… then they can tell you.

Our display is technology you haven’t seen before. It is not lenticular, which is inferior tech in every way, has been tried many times before and failed for good reason. (see Amazon 3D Fire, LG Optimus, etc). Lenticular display dramatically lowers resolution, cannot be turned off for standard 2D content, only works in one direction (usually landscape), has color crosstalk… to name just a few issues. My bet is that other “big” companies will try to re-package lenticular 3D displays with eye-tracking in response to our program. Don’t fall for it.”

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