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//‘Metalens’ the future lens?

‘Metalens’ the future lens?

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“Forget big, curved, glass lenses. Thanks to this new technological breakthrough in optics, the lens of the future could be the size of a spec of glitter—and just as powerful.”  Nofilmschool.com

Interesting read on the future of optics and how ‘metalens’ may replace current glass lens technology with something a whole lot more adaptable, smaller and maybe cheaper?

“Here’s what the senior author of the report, Harvard University’s Federico Capasso, told the BBC about the metalens:

In my opinion, this technology will be game-changing. The lens is quite unlike the curved disks of glass familiar from cameras and binoculars. Instead, it is made of a thin layer of transparent quartz coated in millions of tiny pillars, each just tens of nanometres across and hundreds high.

Singly, each pillar interacts strongly with light. Their combined effect is to slice up a light beam and remould it as the rays pass through the array.

The quality of our images is actually better than with a state-of-the-art objective lens. I think it is no exaggeration to say that this is potentially revolutionary.” Nofilmshool.com

I must admit I do like the physicality of good quality film and photography lenses but that being said having a ‘smart’ lens in your camera bag that adapts to many situations which is smaller, lighter and possibly cheaper to make than traditional lenses could change the way we make films?

Full article here

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