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//Major updates for video professionals in Adobe Creative Cloud.

Major updates for video professionals in Adobe Creative Cloud.

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Since Adobe moved to a cloud-based subscription service for its Creative Suite in 2013, updates and new tools have been rolled out on a fairly regular basis. With the latest release video and animation tools for Premiere Pro, After Effect and Audition look to have some very useful and time saving additions!

Some argue that Adobe should focus more energy on making the applications more stable and less prone to crashes, whilst others dive straight in and to see how their productions can benefit. I personally sit somewhere in middle!

Here is what’s new in Creative Cloud from the Adobe blog.

Get the best colour, graphics and sound with new automated production tasks that let you keep creative control.
Visual artistry, engaging storytelling amazing sound — they’re all ingredients of a great video and what you want to spend your time on when you produce video. But you need the tools to do those things fast, without sacrificing precision and creative control.

Looking forward to the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas next week, we’re unveiling a major update to the video and audio apps in Adobe Creative Cloud, giving video pros better tools for refining colour, creating graphics, and crafting audio.
Specific upgrades to core products include Colour Match in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Master Properties in Adobe After Effects CC. With a single click, you can now apply editable colour adjustments from one clip to another to establish visual consistency in scenes and across whole projects. And with Master Properties you can create compositions that allow you to control layer properties in a parent composition’s timeline. You can push individual values to all versions of your composition or pull selected changes back to the master.

Create multiple variations of a single composition with Master Properties. Choose properties like text, position and colour to adjust in context, without having to open a precomp to make changes.

Compare the looks of two different shots across a sequence of shots and match colours while retaining skin tones with a single click.

The new release also offers better integration with products across the Creative Cloud to add power and automation to all aspects of video creation. Those updates include enhanced VR tools, improved collaboration with Team Projects, a seamless integration with Adobe Stock and more applications of Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Steven Warner, vice president of digital media at Adobe, knows the time crunch video professionals feel means the need for powerful and efficient creative tools has never been greater. “Adobe video apps like Premiere Pro and After Effects give them that power, but when you add in the whole Adobe Creative Cloud, we’re giving broadcasters, media companies, filmmakers and YouTubers a whole creative ecosystem with everything they need to bring new stories and next-generation content to screen.”

Updates to Adobe Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC make them even more powerful and efficient video tools for professionals.

Here are some of the ways the Creative Cloud can help you optimise content for today’s digital world — where it needs to work on multiple platforms, be accessible to all audiences, meet broadcast standards and even be available in multiple languages.

Better workflows

Working with immersive media is becoming more popular and Premiere Pro and After Effects have now improved 360-degree VR workflows that make it easier to work with familiar tools in a new storytelling format. You can navigate with handset controls that let you rotate your view, without having to move your head and transform flat graphics, text and video to 360-degree spherical format (with higher quality for precision VR compositing).
Premiere Pro updates better integrate Motion Graphics templates with After Effects. You can save animations as Motion Graphics templates for re-use, or copy them into After Effects compositions for advanced work. Or, after updating templates created in After Effects, you can transfer customised settings and edits to the new version with Smart Replace. And when you need to bring your Premiere Pro projects into Adobe Audition CC to mix and edit sound, you can open native Premiere Pro projects in Audition to select the audio clips you want to work on.

Refining colour

Proper use of colour can bring your work to life, provide consistent imagery for the viewer and enhance realism on the screen. Colour grading also must meet broadcast standards if that’s how your video will be used. New features in Premiere Pro speed up your colour work by automatically matching colour and light values from a reference image and making editable adjustments to your shots. Add Face Detection with Adobe Sensei machine-learning technology to intelligently adjust for skin tones in the target image.

Creating graphics

At the heart of many successful videos is the ability to easily create and add graphics. New options help you create something incredible — no matter your skill level. To simplify the creation aspect, you can rely on Adobe Stock — searchable from within Premiere Pro — for millions of curated HD and 4K videos to round out your projects. You can also find professionally designed motion graphics templates that you can drag into your Premiere Pro timeline, to add editable intros and title sequences to your videos.
Once you have gathered your video assets, use After Effects to streamline the creation of motion graphics, advanced animations, data-driven graphics and next-generation media like immersive VR. And when your graphics include characters, Adobe Character Animator CC delivers more efficient ways to animate and pose puppets, manage behaviours and add dynamic elements to your scenes.
Put text and images into motion faster with an improved graphics workflow in Premiere Pro, new Master Properties in After Effects, and updates to the Essential Graphics panel.

Crafting audio

Poor audio quality can make a professional-level video appear amateur and distract from your message. Properly balancing audio helps raise your production values. Premiere Pro now has Auto Ducking built-in to give you easier access to advanced audio. With Adobe Sensei machine-learning technology in Auto Ducking, you can normalise sound tracks and dialogue to get a professional mix in moments, but still have access to fine-tune the mix because the automated adjustments are key framed and editable.

Additionally, large multitrack projects are now much easier to manage with a new Track panel that lets you show or hide tracks or groups of tracks so you can focus on just the parts you want to work on.

New features deliver differences you can see and hear, including auto-ducking in Premiere Pro, which turns down music when other audio is detected, plus improved sequence integration and a cleaner Tracks Panel in Audition.

With new updates to Creative Cloud, and the ability to simply access and use all the tools available with your CC license, we can help you create exactly the videos you want. Whether you’re a professional in the broadcast industry or a novice filmmaker, these updates give more options for efficiency and collaboration, while still having complete control over the details of your unique creations.


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