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//Is TV advertising still worth it?

Is TV advertising still worth it?

31st May 2018Category : Video

The revolutionary effect of social media and online marketing on the psychology of TV marketing/advertising

Advertising is a large industry because it can be perceived everywhere you go through various online and offline mediums such as television, radio, prints ads and social media. Advertisers know that people generally like and respond to visual images and videos they find interesting, enjoyable, and intriguing. Hence, they make use of any preferred channels that has the capacity to reach a wider audience easily and within a reasonable timeframe.

Brands and marketing trends are constantly changing their approach to accommodate a wider range of target audience which inevitably affects the type of adverts been churned out. Over the past decade, social media has greatly influenced the psychology of video marketing advertisement as many companies seek new and better channels to reach their consumers on every available platform.

The focus here is to understand how the psychology of television marketing, more specifically video marketing has evolved over the last decade with the growth of social media and online marketing.

Advertisement through television has seen big brands cut their TV marketing budgets in recent times as more appealing alternatives are integrated into the process of generating better exposure and brand awareness.

Marketers follow anywhere consumers gather in droves, and social media platforms have huge attractions across the world. For instance, Facebook has over 14 billion users. Although social media channels started off as a means for people to connect with family, friends, and associates, it has become the ideal dream for most advertisers. The new marketing strategy has greatly improved interaction and engagement between brands and consumers. The overall effect is leaving customers with a better experience over a more direct marketing approach that’s solely interested in making sales.

Organisations and owners of business discovered that social media marketing has a positive impact on the success of their business. So, there’s a shift from traditional ways of advertising via video marketing on television to online marketing on social media platforms.

Advertisements via video marketing and content creation on social media are more effective, less expensive, with opportunities to reach a wide audience across the world especially when the art of online marketing is properly utilised.

Social media marketing involves the use of specific methods and operations to create awareness via social channels and other internet communities or forums. The change from traditional television marketing and the advertisement was due to the fact that marketing experts understand the essence of creating a visible presence wherever their clients hang out.

The social media revolution invaded the psychology of television marketing and advertisement because it gave businesses other alternatives while reaching out to their target audience. Social media marketing doesn’t focus on hard selling but concentrates on building strong relationships with people until they become loyal customers. The process involves building credibility, trust, and increasing the likeness for a brand. However, video marketing via television advertisements makes use of cold selling and emotional triggers to connect with their audience.

It’s a known fact that emotional content in ads performs well with better conversion rates in comparison to rational content. So, experts in video marketing strategies make use of emotional pull when creating the storyline or script for their videos. Video marketing makes use of empathy and creativity to connect with viewers and to ensure that the content achieves the desired objectives of increasing sales for the brand.

To capture the attention of the audience, advertising companies make use of the elements of colour, surprise, and joy while drafting the content of a video for the purpose of marketing. It’s important to create an emotional connection with the viewers to ensure they continue to watch the video as it plays.

In conclusion, before the rise of social media as a channel to advertise concepts of brands and businesses, video marketing was aired via television commercials which cost a huge chunk of money. But today, social media is a preferable platform to showcase products and services using video marketing and advertisement tactics for greater sales and turnover. Furthermore, the process of running ads on social media wouldn’t leave a hole in your pocket, and the marketing system is quite easy to set up.

Is TV advertising worth it?  Maybe the question should be is it still relevant?  In which case perhaps for some brands who can create compelling connected content across a range of media channels.  We may actually start to see new unique ways of utilising TV for advertising as social media continues to drive the cost and demand?

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