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//4K Self-Flying Drone

4K Self-Flying Drone

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The new R1 self-flying drone from Skydio is set to automate the aerial filming.  The R1 uses similar tech to self-driving cars and is powered by the Nvidia Jetson TX1 computer.  The TX1 brain captures data in the field to build a comprehensive picture of its environment and combines this with  “advanced autonomous-control algorithms” to navigate.

Self-flying drone

The R1 by Skydio

The R1 is more geared to sports capture like “rock climbers, hikers, runners, dancers, or anyone who likes recording themselves while in motion,”  

“Our goal with our first product is to deliver on the promise of an autonomous flying camera that understands where you are, understands the scene around it, and can move itself to capture amazing video you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get,” Bry, co-founder and CEO of Skydio, said in a press release.

You could read the full article at Nofilmschool

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