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//2018 Social Media Trends

2018 Social Media Trends

4th March 2018Category : Video

2018 trends for digital marketing on social media

Interactions and engagements on social media have gone beyond socialising and catching up on the latest antics of friends, as organisation and businesses have caught up with the benefit it delivers. Social media platforms offer a whole new dimension to the idea of digital marketing, and the latest 2018 trends on social media will be addressed in this post.

Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram regularly integrate an update to their platforms, which necessitate users to keep abreast of any new development.

So what’s the essence of digital marketing on social media?

It’s imperative for businesses and organisations to effectively manage their presence on social media to maximize the rewards thereof. Digital marketing helps to create more awareness for an organisation which could result in an expansion of their customer base and profits as well.

Here is a list of the latest 2018 trends of digital marketing on social media.

  1. Video demand: Video content is eye-catching and in high demand on social media. You can integrate the power of good video content for your digital marketing engagements by investing in creating great video content to attract more followers.

There are varieties of video content with live streams, and you could decide on the type of video that’s suitable for the specific purpose in mind. While planning your video, ensure it’s mobile-friendly as a significant percent of video viewers on social media make use of mobile devices.

Your video should be intriguing to capture the attention of your audience within the first few seconds of play. Short videos with a lovely concept and message convert faster than long videos.

Giant brands invest in quality videos to generate engagements and increase their followers, and you can achieve the same results with the right application of digital marketing on social media platforms. Make use Facebook Live and Instagram Live to create interesting content that appeals to your audience.

  1. Influencers: You need to communicate and build a relationship with influencers that fit in with your brand, possibly to work with them for business expansion to attracts more potential customers. Companies now prefer to use micro influencers as they are passionate in relating well with their followers than celebrity influencers who serve in the capacity of endorsements.

Customers need authenticity from influencers, so brands are careful whom to work with to achieve their marketing strategies, and to secure a higher engagement rate from their target audience.

Influencers enable brands to get through to the audience they’re struggling to reach. Presently, brands don’t need to rely on exorbitant marketing and celebrity influencers to accomplish best returns on investment with the rise of micro-influencers.

Influencers are also more careful on whom they associate and work with as many brands currently seek to build business relationships with them. You need to consider your options when it comes to associating with an influencer by verifying if a link would give you best return on investment.

Presently, brands don’t need to rely on exorbitant marketing and celebrity influencers to accomplish their marketing objectives with the rise of micro-influencers.

  1. Chatbots: The chatbots are taking over on social media marketing as more brands now use it for customer service and marketing support. Organisations use the chatbots for resolving service-related questions from customers.

Do people use chatbots? Of course! Most millennials use chatbots while attempting to interact with a brand to get details of products and services.

Chatbots offer a fast connection to resolve customer issues and enquiries. The system makes it easy to interact with customers and to send customized messages efficiently.

  • Ensure the chatbots are simple to encourage customers.
  • Enlighten users on how to use chatbots and their benefits.
  • Create excellent copy for the chatbots

According to Facebook report over 1.2 billion people are on its messenger, so using chatbot to communicate with customers privately is a smart move and brands should expect an unprecedented reach.


  1. Storytelling strategy: Social media stories are increasingly popular and an essential aspect of digital marketing. You can relate with customers on a personal level through the art of storytelling. Facebook, Instagram and Youtube each offers distinctive features but with a similar concept. You should think of how to incorporate stories into your social media marketing plan.


  1. User-generated content: A lot of brands are making use of user-generated content on social media to increase the engagement of their followers. You could create an opinion poll, start a competition online, or request for activity pictures from followers. The best photos would be featured, and this engenders excitement on your social media handles. It all depends on your unique strategy and marketing objectives, but the result is more customers and better conversion rates.

Brands are making conscientious efforts to connect and relate to audiences through digital marketing across a wide range of social media platforms. However, it’s difficult to hold the attention of viewers if your strategy is not compelling and interesting to customers.

Diversification of ads across social media networks and not just Facebook is a going trend in 2018, and smart digital marketing means spreading out to other platforms like Twitter and Pinterest to harness the rich potentials they offer.


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