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// July 2015

More tiny 4K cameras!

Blink and another 4k camera is released! Now with the surge of drones and gimbal mounted cameras a new breed of tiny 4k cameras are emerging (weekly).  Over at News Shooter you can read a great article on the "New Kid in Town" the Z Camera E1, what makes this really different from GoPro or other action cameras is that it boasts a micro four thirds interchangeable lens mount.  Read more here...

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What inspired you to make films?

What inspired you to make films? For me as a young boy growing up in the late seventies and eighties it had to be the original Star Wars films!  However, more than the actual films themselves it was the behind the scenes photos and films that really ignited my interest in making films. I can remember tying a length of string from my bedroom window down to the back garden and zip-wiring a Snow-speeder model along to it's destruction in a bid to recreate the scene from the Em..

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